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富二代精品国产app软件下载June 2020 –

富二代精品国产app软件下载The following blog post is the second in our journey through the special edition of RE-AIM in the Frontiers in Public Health special issue! The article titled “The Faith, Activity, and Nutrition (FAN) Dissemination and Implementation Study: 24-Month Organizational Maintenance in a Countywide Initiative” written by Wilcox et. al in this article highlights one of the more under-reported areas of RE-AIM, the “M” for Maintenance. This article may serve as a useful guiding work for how studies can consider the long-term implementation and effectiveness measure past intervention delivery and into sustainability and long-term results. Based in the community setting, Faith-based churches specifically, this work brings a great perspective in the use of both use RE-AIM for both planning and evaluation of health interventions. To read more about this work, please click the image below to read the full text!

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